Tanning Tips

The key to a long lasting tan is to first understand how self tanning products work. Self-tanning lotions and sprays are designed to attach themselves to the outer layer of your skin, but because your skin cells are constantly dying and being shed, your self-tan will only last about a week. Dry skin sheds faster than moist skin, so if you have dry skin or don’t keep it moisturized, your tan will not last that long.

This is one of the most important tips on spray tanning… Shower and exfoliate. Use a sponge or a pumice brush, especially on the knees and elbows or any other dry patches which tend to be dryer than the rest of your skinas they tend to tan more that the rest of the skin. It is best to do this several hours before the visit This also helps if you have been using a spray tan product that could interfere with the tanning solution.
Undertake any necessary hair treatments and hair removal at least 24 hours prior to the treatment to allow the pores to cloes if you are undergoing a waxing treatment please allow 48 hours between tanning and your waxing treatment so that your skin  can recover.


On the day of treatment

Shower and exfoliate on the day of treatment with at least 2 hours prior treatment not less.

I came across many people who shower just beferore tanning. I do not advice this as residue from soaps or shower agents could interact with the tanning product and can also change the PH of your skin causing pathciness.

Also other people would think that having shower a day before is fine and that the previous day deodorant wont show ..well…they are very wrong. You have to shower in the day with the spray tan  treatment not only for personal hygiene but to prepare you skin for the tan!!!  Previous day deodorant residue will still show  if you do not wash it off !!! and soon that it comes in contact with the tanning solution oxidization takes place and you end up with a green color tan on the area where deodorant is present and just doesn’t look nice. Unless you are looking for a green color tan under the armpits.

Do NOT apply antiperspirant, deodorant or any kind of perfume, body oils or makeup as it will act as a barrier on the skin.

Do NOT moisturize!!!

If your tanning treatment takes place in the evening is best to shower 2 hours prior treatment to take place.

Cover your manicured fingernails and toenails with a protective barrier cream, solar oil or top coat to prevent staining.


What to wear

Wear dark loose clothing and flip flops for travelling to and from the treatment. Tight garments will rub and exfoliate the skin and abrade the freshly tan.

For the treatment I suggest a dark bikinni for ladies and dark shorts for mans or if you would like I can supply disposable tongs.

Tanning product might stain synthetic light underwear.

Cover car seats (leather or light colour) as they could get stained.


Post treatment procedure

Do not take a shower soon after treatment, leave at least 8 hours for the product to develop ,do remember that products will develop up to 24 hours even after the 1st shower unless you had a Quick Tan which developing time is faster.

Shower rather than soak in a bath leave at least 8 – 10 hours for tan to develop or if possible leave overnight.

On the first shower after applications of the tanning be aware of colour residue in the water – this is the colour guide and it will not affect the end result – use soft soaps or shower gels what reduce the exfoliation and leave the skin moisturised.

Avoid applying moisturiser or deodorants until your tan has developed.

Avoid vigorous exercise for the first 5 hours whilst the tan develops – preparation may cause the tan penetrate less in some areas as it will others – extreme sweating may cause streaks in the colour guide – it will be fine once you have your first shower.


Maintain your tan

After the shower pat yourself dry rather than rub and moisturise daily with a good quality non-oil product for a long lasting tan.

Use mild face cleansers as the face and hands will the first areas to fade.

Moisturize daily! – Only after you tan has fully develop and you had your first shower!!! – avoid oily moisturizers as they interact with the tanning solutions and will create patches – use water-based moisturizers for a long lasting glowing tan, do not panic you do not have to purchase  an expensive moisturizer  cheaper brands will do a good job as well.

To keep your tan glowing and looking great I recommend you have a top up every 2 weeks or sooner.
Do NOT use any other DHA based product as it will interact with the spray tan and will cause patches.
Please avoid Dove products as they do interact with my tanning products.


Contraindications – reasons NOT to perform a spray tan treatment

 Skin infections

Open wounds cuts, sores or abrasions.

Reactions to DHA products in the past.

Pregnancy – due to the extremities in hormone levels during the 1st trimester this could cause patchiness or blotchiness but Tantrick solution will NOT harm pregnant mothers to be.
Medication and menstrual cycle – in particular HRT or changes in hormones during menstruation.
Psoriasis or eczema- generally Tantrick solutions do NOT aggravate these conditions but DHA does work better on dry skin, hence the likelyhood these areas will darken more effectively.

DO NOT have a spray tan if you breastfeed as your baby will ingest the product!!!




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