Do you come to me?

Yes my service is a mobile service so I come along to your house and you then enter my popup tent where I spray you so its a clean process. I then clean up and go an avange spray tan take about 30 – 40 mins from the moment I come into your house till the time I leave.

What qualifications do you have?

I have been trained and certified to apply spray tans using HVLP spray tanning equipment on courses approved by The Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists. I also have a VTCT level 2 and 3 in Beauty Therapy

What is DHA?

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is the main active ingredient in all sunless tanning preparations. It has no known toxicity and has been approved for cosmetic use worldwide. It may be used alone or combined with other tanning components such as erythrulose. DHA is considered the most effective sun-free tanning additive. History lesson – DHA (naturally derived from sugar cane) used to be given to children who suffered from a rare condition where they couldn’t naturally produce glucose in their own bodies. The children were spoon fed the sugar derivative which was sometimes spilled onto the skin. Healthcare workers noticed that the skin turned brown after a few hours. Thus the tanning effects of DHA were discovered!!

How does spray tanning work?

Your body is sprayed with a solution that contains a certain percentage of DHA (DiHydroxyAcetone), a colourless sugar which reacts with the Amino acids in the dead layers of your skin and over a period of a few hours goes brown – just the same as an apple does when you have bitten it!

What sort of tan will I get?

A Suntana spray tan will temporarily make your skin a lovely golden brown. The chemical reaction physically changes your skin colour. My solution has been well-tested in order to ensure that it looks exactly like a natural tan. Even fair-skinned clients who don’t tan easily will benefit from a Suntana spray tan.

Does Suntana spray tan solution contain an instant bronzer or guide colour?

Yes, my solution does contain a bronzer which makes it easy to apply and gives you an instant tanned look the moment you have been sprayed, perfect for those last minute events. The guide colour is then easily washed off a few hours later to reveal a lovely tan. The guide colour is a very good way of gauging the final result, once you are happy with the colour you will find the tan which develops beneath will be very similar.

 Will it damage my clothes?

You should be aware that DHA can stain silk, nylon and leather clothing. Any clothes put on after the application should also be dark, cotton based and loosely fitted so they will rub on your new tan. Any colour that rubs off can usually be washed out in a normal wash cycle. Try to avoid putting on closed shoes and socks as they will not only cause your feet to sweat but they will also grind down your tan as you walk.

How long does a spray tan last?

Your body constantly ‘sloughs off’ dead skin cells.  This is why natural sun tans fade over a few days.  Spray tanning only affects the outer skin layer, so again, as your skin cells are naturally shed, the spray tan will fade.  Your tan should last 5-10 days, typically 7 days, but longer if you look after your skin by moisturising every day. However,  I cannot offer a guarantee as everyone is different.

Should I be concerned if I have a skin condition?

Conditions such as Psoriasis or excessively dry skin could cause patchy or uneven results. Care should also be taken to prevent DHA colouration of the hair and nails, barrier creams such as Vaseline are ideal for this. If you have any broken skin, cuts, grazes or any other health condition such as asthma please consult your GP before booking a tan.

Can I have a spray tan if I am pregnant?

Is advisable not to have a spray tan in the first trimester of pregnancy as due to  high hormonal changes in your body your tan may be patchy or give uneven results.

Can I have a spray tan if I`m breastfeeding?

I do not advise using any spray tan product or self tanning products while breastfeeding. Even that spray tanning is relatively safe during pregnancy after the 1st trimester as is only taking place at the surface of the skin but during breastfeeding baby can get in direct contact with the tanning solution by ingesting it, even in the situation that your breast wouldn’t be spray tanned your baby will still will get in direct contact with your skin not only while breastfeeding but also when holding your baby. So NO!!! I advise NOT to have a spray tan if you breastfeed your baby.

Can I have a spray tan if I am Asian or Black skin tone?

Yes!!! Darker skins can benefit from sunless tanning too. Even better  while Fake tan adds a gorgeous glow to lighter skin tones it can also even out Black and Asian skins by camouflaging marks, creating a flawless base and enhancing natural features.

I am diabetic, is spray tanning OK for me?

DHA is a chemical derived from glycerin and was first used in the treatment of diabetes, as some diabetics are better able to tolerate DHA than glucose in their treatment!  So basically, yes you can have a sunless spray tan.

Will spray tan protect me from getting a sunburn?

No!!! When going into the sun, you must wear sun protection in a form of a sun lotion( cream) not Oil based as this will damage your spray tan.

What preparation do I need to carry out for my spray tan?

You should exfoliate well the day before your tan in order to remove any dead skin cells (this will help prolong your tan). If you shave or wax, this should also be done before the day of your tan. Do not wear deodorants or make up or any other preparation on your skin on tanning day as these can act as a barrier to the tanning solution.

What if I have a bald spot?

Just skip the hair cap. It is provided only for the purpose of keeping your hair dry and away from your face while tanning. The solution will not do anything to your hair, but it is a good idea to tan your bald spot as well.

Can I have a spray tan in the same day or soon after I waxed or shaved or had threading done?

For best results any hair removal treatment should be done 24 to 48 hours prior spraytanning as skin irritation can occur and is best to wait till you skin calms down to avoid an alergic reaction. If you think you are allergic to tanning products or you have never used tanning products before then a 24 hours skin patch test behind your ear will be offered.

Can I go out soon after I had a Spray Tan?

Suntana tan gives you an instant tanned look the moment you have been sprayed, perfect for those last minute events.  All the solution I use have guide colour, depending on the choosen tan. This is easily washed off  a few hours later after your tan has developed to reveal a lovely tan. If you are presurised by time and you require a tan in a hurry then Rapid Tan is the right tan for you. A brand new formulation, fast developing solution allows you to tan in as little as 1 hour so no more turning down last minute events!

Can I have Sex after I had a spray tan?

Not straight away if you are planning to sweat. If you do sweat, your tan will run and you will look like you are mud wrestling. You will also stain the sheets.Best to wait till your tan is fully developed then showered before you even consider jumping into bed so you can have fun.

Can I have go swimming after I had a spray tan?

Wait at least 8 hours so your tan has reached the full developing time. Chlorinated water will bleach your tan really quickly, so I would not advise it. If you want to swim in the sea, make your swims short. The longer you soak yourself, the faster your tan will come off.

What should I wear for my spray tan?

You can wear as much or as little as you like. For men I would suggest dark swim trunks or boxer shorts. For women, a dark bikini or dark bra and knickers/g-string.  However, you are perfectly welcome to have your tan topless or nude and many people do.  I do offer all my clinets disposable underwear.

Is it OK for people of any age to spray tan?

Yes it is.  However, I require the signature and presence of the parent or guardian for those under 18.  Also, I require that they are clothed in either swim trunks for males or bikini for females (or equivalent clothing).

Is spray tanning messy or smelly?

No. I will set up a spray tan booth in your home. The HVLP sprayer produces a very precise spray and any overspray is caught in the booth. There is a faint smell of coconut,cherry, chocolate or berrys depending on choosen solution and that is all.


Will I go orange or streaky with a spray tan?

No, absolutely not!  Orangeness is the result of tanning pills, and older tanning agents. A professional spray tan with modern tanning agents avoids this, and streakiness is caused by improper application of home tanning creams and sprays – which is why you should always let a professional apply your tan

How does the Quick Tan works ?

Quick tan is a special formulation, allowing you to tan in as little as 1 hour. Its a fast developing solution designed for those customers who require a tan in a hurry so they can make it to those last minute events.

This is a high performance tanning formula featuring Tan Control – a secret blend of ingredients with no parabens, alcohol DEA or TEA based preservatives.  Quick Tan alows you to choose your  colour depth as this solution works across all skin types. This kind of tan is dependant on how long the product is washed off after application. Infused with organic plant extracts, Quick Tan is the ultimate in tanning technology and will fade better than most other brands on the market giving a realistic natural bronze colour.

How to choose your colour depth with Quick Tan:

wash off after 1-2 hours for light tan

wash off after 3-4 hours for medium tan

wash off after 4+ hours for a medium/ darker  natural results.

I had bad experience with a spray tan before. Should I assume that spray tanning is not for me?

No, there are many factors that could effect your tan; the skill of the technician (if tanned with hand held gun), the quality of solution, your skin condition at a time. Also remember, that the spray tanning solution is a cosmetic, and so the particular one that you had used, might not be acceptable to your skin.
Try another solution, another technician, or better still a booth. Make sure that you choose the lightest tan possible, and good luck. The chances are high, that you will get a great tan this time, but if the same problem occurs, you might be one of those unfortunates that should not use spray tanning.(Bummer!)

 Can you spray tan me in the garden?

No!  Due to health and safety reasons and common sense I refuse to perform spray tans in the garden!!! You can not create the perfect weather conditions for me to perform the spray tan on you in the garden (like my pop up tent to don’t be blown away or my air mist from my hvpl gun to don’t be interfered by the blowing wind or other weather changes, also you as a person to don’t be exposed to the curious neighbors) A spray tan is a quite an intimate treatment. I dont think a garden can give you that intimacy and I can not assure the quality of the treatment in the conditions in which is done in a garden. So the answer is NO I will NOT spray tan in the garden!

What is the history of the Spray Tan?

Sunless tanning (also known as UV-free tanning, self tanning, spray tanning (when applied topically), or fake tanning) refers to the application of chemicals to the skin to produce an effect similar in appearance to a suntan. The popularity of sunless tanning has risen since the 1960s after links were made by health authorities between exposure to the sun and other sun tanning methods, such as sunbeds or tanning beds, and the incidence of skin cancerUp until the 1920s, tan skin was a sign of poverty, and a creamy complexion was the epitome of beauty. If you’ve seen Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby or Vogue’s flapper-inspired photo shoot with Carrie Mulligan, you’ll get the picture. Powdery, pale skin that rarely saw the sun was a sign of glamour and luxury.

That is, until Coco Chanel came along. As the story goes, the fashion icon got a little too much sun on one of her yacht trips in the Cannes in 1923, returning to the spotlight with a bronze glow. Her sun-kissed look launched a fad and, eventually, an entire industry revolving around achieving the perfect tan.
Soon, celebrities and socialites were flocking to tropical destinations during the winter, using sunlamps to darken their once-porcelain skin. Sunburns were common. So was lying out in the sun for house to “work on your tan.”
 The tan “fad” turned into a long-term trend among women of all socioeconomic levels. During WWII, women used tea bags to mimic a natural-looking tan. Less than a decade later, the first fake tan product, the “Man Tan” had hit the market. Rather than simply stain the skin, the Man Tan used a chemical derived from sugar cane, dihydroxyacetone (DHA), to cause a browning effect among the amino acids on the skin’s surface. The ingredient was approved by the FDA for fake tanners in the 1970s and is still used in most self-tanning products today.
Early spray tans and rub-on self-tanners got a bad rap for two reasons. First, they often produced an “oompa loompa” effect that left the skin orange and streaky. And then there was the less-than-appetizing smell, caused by the use of DHA in an unnatural form. But luckily for us, this major beauty faux pas has been largely eclipsed in the latest generation of self-tanners.
There is some controversy as to who was the first to use an airbrush system with a tanning product.  Starr Hamson and Tracy Diamond are the two people involved. They worked together in their face painting business and were friends.  Tracy discovered she had skin cancer and in order to maintain a golden tan minus the UV exposure she experimented with using her airbrush kit to spray her face.  From there the rest is history and Starr Hamson started Fantasy Tan.  Nowadays we have a wide range of machines with which to spray, from compressors to turbines, HVLP and LVLP and auto booth sprayers.




New fake tan products have gotten rid of the smell and orange tint by going more natural. The products that provide the most natural glow either use a 100 percent natural form of DHA derived from renewable plant sources or mix DHA with keto sugar molecules to provide a natural-looking, longer-lasting glow. To account for natural variations in our skin tones, scientists have also developed specialized tanners for the body and face. With Tan Me Quick tan you can choose your tan shade from a variety of solutions from 8% to 14% and for darker skin types even higher with great fragrances like coconut, cherries, chocolate, berries and strawberries. Choose your tan, choose your fragrance!!!


We use quality assured products from Suntana – www.suntana.co.uk


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