After great feedback from all customers we are now using the Suntana range of products! Not only do these smell great, they don’t have that developing smell. As for the deep darker results required for Dancers Bodybuilders and black skin competitions I use Siennasol.

I am one of East London’s leading Mobile Spray Tanning professionals.  Forget about dangerous sunbeds  and spending hours in the sun to achieve that “healthy” sun kissed glow. You can have that fantastic sun tan look within 1 hour of me arriving at your home.  No risk of sunburn and redness and you won’t need to worry about UV rays that can damage your skin cells and cause cancers.A spray tan can help make your skin appear younger, firmer and more toned. Stay safe this heatwave choose wise, choose TanMeQuick.

TanMeQuick will give you the best value for money mobile spray tan. I cover Redbridge and surrounding areas of Wanstead East London. I will come to other areas as well but these will be charged extra to cover my time and expenses. Please ask before you book!





Understanding your skin complexion will help you choose the right tan

The ” one shade for all” is a myth in my honest opinion for achiving that natural look you have to choose the right tan to match with your hair/skin complexion. Here just a small guide for you to understand your skin complexion.





Pros & Cons of Spray Tans

A spray-on tan can boost spirits during the long, cold winter and give a  sun-kissed glow to anyone. Tanning sprays are just one of a variety of sunless  tanning products that temporarily darken the skin without the need to spend time  in the sun. As with any product to be applied to the skin, there is the risk of  irritation to consider before administering a spray-on tan. The pros and cons of  using a tanning spray will depend in part on the lifestyle of each individual:  convenience and cost versus health risks and appearance
A clear pro when considering spray-on tans is that the artificial colorant does  not cause damage to the skin as UV rays from the sun can. The chemical in tanning sprays is called DHA (dihydroxyacetone) and is approved  by the FDA as a safe product to apply to the skin. People who use sprays at home  should take care not to breathe in the fumes; The Mayo Clinic reports that the  effects of accidental ingestion or inhalation of DHA is not clear. Spray-on tans  do not protect the user from the sun’s rays; protection in the way of sunscreen,  hats and sunglasses is still important even when using sunless tanning products.


Even Coverage

The  positive to spray tans is that they are instant. No need for baking outside in the sun for hours on end or waiting for your sticky self-tanning lotion to dry. As well, you can adjust how dark you want to go by spray tanning more or less frequently.

Spray-on tans provide even coverage, which looks much  more natural than an angry red sunburn on the shoulders and across the nose.  Sunless tanning lotions and creams may be difficult to regulate in order to get  an even coverage across the body, but spray tans can be easier to manage, especially  if a professional administers the tan in a salon or spa setting or even in the comfort of you home. The deeper skin  hue does not appear immediately, most people notice  results within 6 to 24 hours of receiving their treatment.

Finally, another important positive of spray tanning (or regular sunless tanning) as opposed to baking for real is that your skin retains its youthful appearance for much longer. No one wants to look like a piece of dried leather when they are fifty, so, like we always say, stop while you are ahead!


Stains from Spray

Tanning sprays can stain clothing as well as skin,  making it a potentially messy ( if you doit on your own) a way to give skin a healthy glow. Those who use sprays at home must wash off the product very quickly  to avoid stains on their hands and under fingernails; the same is most likely  true for wayward spray that comes in contact with the sink, mirror or other  areas of the bathroom during the application process. Spray-on tans generally dry in about 15 minutes, which can be a plus when compared to other sunless  tanning products like lotions and gels.



4565463553Removing Sunless Tan Spots/Stains on Skin

Sunless tanning stains come from two sources – the immediate bronzer, which is essentially a dye, and the DHA ingredient. There are products available to deter and counteract the reaction of DHA, such as barrier cream, but nothing is particularly effective towards an already developed DHA stain on skin. We have gathered some useful home remedies that may prove effective in removing unsightly discoloration:

Take a 20 minute soak, either in warm water or some warm water mixed with baby oil, and scrub with some exfoliator.
Using a cloth or sponge, rub on some hydrogen peroxide followed by a shower.
Rub on some lemon juice and follow with a shower.
Use some body hair bleach or body hair remover according to the directions on the product. (Do not use regular bleach as it can be very damaging to the skin!)
Keep in mind that spray tanning discoloration only a semi-permanent thing and will rub off naturally in a couple weeks.


Short-Term Results

One of the disadvantages of a spray-on tan is that the  color lasts for only a few days. The National Institutes of Health’s service  “UptoDate” explains that the colorant, DHA, fades within a week in most people  as dead skin cells are shed. This can translate into an expensive venture for a  prolonged tanned look. Sunless tanning sprays are available for purchase at most  drugstores; self-administration of a spray-on tan may be less expensive than  investing in numerous appointments at the local tanning salon. But why have the hassle of self tanning at home and ending up with a mess when you can have a spray tan done today by a professional therapist.


Why is important to shower/bath before a spray tan?


Bathe or shower as regularly as you feel comfortable. How often is a matter of who you are as a person — your culture, gender, ethnicity, and/or where you live. Some people like to shower or bathe every day and others do it less often. The main purposes of bathing or showering are to remove dirt and odors and slough off dead skin cells — basically, to maintain good hygiene. In addition, people bathe or shower to feel clean, smell fresh, and revitalize or relax. Bathing or showering is a personal choice with social and cultural influences. People from other countries hold different views on personal hygiene and body aroma, none of which are right or wrong, only different.

Bathing or showering not frequently is not harmful but I believe it is important for you to know that good hygiene helps promote health and prevent disease.

 Is very important to shower before a spray tan treatment in order to remove the body oils and the residues of deodorant, antiperspirant, perfume and makeup.A shower revitalize your skin and your pores. The exfoliation process you can have it done before the shower, in the shower or after is a metter of your own personal choice.


Why is exfoliating so important for a good spray tan? and how do I do it?

exfoliatingNow sure we have all heard about it, done it, know we should etc, etc. But do you really understand why you need to exfoliate prior to getting a spray tan?

Well, if not, then keep reading. It all has to do with your skin cells.When you are sprayed with a tanning solution, the all natural active ingredient in the solution reacts with the amino acids in your skin, to create a rich, gorgeous tan. But this only happens on the surface of your skin. It does not penetrate deep through the layers.

Now your skin is made up of millions of tiny skin cells. These cells don’t live long, and eventually they die and fall off. Don’t worry, there are more getting made every second of every day. But the important thing is to realize that they do die and they do fall off.

My tanning solution only tan the very top layer of your skin so it stands to reason that you want that top layer to be as new and alive as possible. Therefore you need to get rid of all the old, dried up, dead skin cells prior to your tan.
Ideally this needs to happen the night before your appointment. If you have not exfoliated for a while then you might like to do it a couple of nights in a row leading up to your tan. Pay particular attention to rough areas of skin like the tops of your feet, heels, ankles, elbows, knuckles etc. These areas lose skin cells very quickly.

So now you understand why it’s important to exfoliate prior to your appointment, you now need to know that not all exfoliating treatments are the  same. What I do want you to realize, is that some exfoliating foams, gels and treatments contain oils.

Now in case you have not realized it yet, oils on your skin are bad for your spray on tan. Why you might ask? Well simply because they stop the tanning solution from properly reaching your skin cells. In areas where there might be less oil on your skin, you might find that your tan looks ok, whereas areas with a lot of oil might not tan at all. As you can imagine this results in a blotchy tan!

So to avoid a tanning disaster, I recommend that you use an exfoliator with no oil. You can make your own using brown sugar and oatmeal  and a nubby cloth or fine sea salt mixed with your regular shower gel.Or you could invest in a loofah or exfoliating mitt. These are available for as cheap as 99p in the Pound shop and you get two pairs or From Boots for a couple of quid.  Use your exfoliant in the shower and use it all over paying particular attention to elbows, knees, ankles, and backs of arms.

So remember, you must get rid of the old skin cells prior to your appointment by thoroughly exfoliating your entire body, and do not use an exfoliant that contains any type of oil.

A fresh shower  before your spray tan is needed to remove any body oils is helpful also.





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